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Where to walk in Brechfa Forest

There are a number of published circular walks of different lengths and difficulty in Brechfa forest and the surrounding countryside. Alternatively you can practice your map reading skills by making up your own route through the forest. Brechfa Forest is open access, with normally all the forest tracks open to visitors as well as the footpaths, bridleways and byways in the forest and surounding farmland.

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There are a range of circular walks promoted by the county council and the forestry commision in the Cothi Valley and Brechfa Forest.

Choose from a stroll by the side of the Cothi river, or walking through ancient woodland on an autumn day.

Footpaths over farmland

Perhaps you would prefer the open space of the common land above Brechfa Forest with the stunning views over the county.

Or would you like to include a visit to the ruins of Talley Abbey in your stroll?

Walks for all abilities and interests.

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Brechfa Forest Carmarthenshire

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