Brechfa Forest

Forest Arms - Brechfa

Forest Arms - Brechfa

Community rallies around to save the village pub.

A village pub, school, shop and church between them are often described as the heart of the village, it provides a space for members of the community to gather.

The Forest Arms, Brechfa has been closed for a few years and the owner has now decided to sell it at auction on the 11th of July. The chapel in the village closed last year and is now for sale, the county council has just decided to close the village school.

Our community is gathering forces to turn the tide. Read more about our plans and how you can help.

Nearly 10 years ago the owners of the village shop decided they had to close, rather than use this essential service, the communities around Brechfa gathered together to take over running the shop. Making it a success that is still admired. We lost the battle to defend our post office, that was taken from us in one of the rounds of post office closures, even though it was a profitable and it left the community with an 8 mile drive to the nearest post office. In the last year the chapel in the village has been closed and put up for sale. While in the last month it has been announced that the owner of the village pub is planning to sell it at auction on the 11th of July, and the county council has decided to close the village school at the end of this term. There is a very strong community spirit in the area and we are not going to stand by while such essential resources are taken away from us. We are running a survey within the community on what the community would like to see the school become, nursery, pre school / after school club / youth center / library / adult education center. Or all of these. We are also working to raise the funds to buy the village pub. We have been promised support by organisations to access grants to refurbish the building which is in a poor state of repair. However, we need to raise the money to purchase the property. We are setting up a community share offer. Each share is £250, people can buy more than one share, however to ensure that the venture reflects the interest of the community, each share holder only has one vote no matter how many shares they hold. The building will be converted to include a micro-brewary, pub, cafe, space for local artists and craftsmen to display/sell their work, and space for new businesses to rent. Once the property is open and tennents running the pub, we will pay interest on the shares. We will also be in a position to buy back the shares. (These are not the type of shares which can be sold via the stock market.) We need all the support we can achieve. For more information on the project, to access a copy of the prospectus, or to register your interest in the scheme go to

Community rally to save our pub

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Forest Arms - Brechfa

Brechfa Forest Carmarthenshire

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