Brechfa Forest

Fishing near Brechfa Forest

Two major salmon and trout rivers on our doorstep

The Tywi and the Cothi are described as two of the major trout and salmon rivers in the UK.

The River Cothi is the largest tributary of the River Tywi in south Wales. It is noted for its trout and sea trout (sewin) fishing and for salmon. The Cothi valley runs through the Brechfa Forest joining the Tywi (or Towy if you prefer the English spelling) a few miles south of Brechfa.

2nd photo of twyi river

A large percentage of this water is owned, leased and managed by local angling clubs. In most cases the clubs issue permits to fish for visiting anglers both on a daily/nightly or weekly basis.

There are also a number of fishing lakes in the area.

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Photo of Tywi riverFishing near Brechfa Forest

Brechfa Forest Carmarthenshire

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